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In sum, there are 390 models in this collection, built out of 252.226 single parts.

Lego 8700 -

Welcome to Technic-Dialog.de!

On my page you can find information about almost all Lego® Technic models released to date. Every model is accompanied by a manual, a list of parts, photos and much more.
You can search for the Lego-Technic models using various criteria. You can rate each model and the model builder shows you what other models can be built out of the models you own and/or which parts are missing to complete them. Any missing parts can be ordered here, on Technic-Dialog.de.

If you register, you have even more possibilities:
  • you can manage your collection of Lego-Technic models
  • you are provided with statistics for your collection
  • you can upload pictures of your models
  • you can comment on other users' pictures
  • you can actively participate in the board
  • you can use the model builder with all its functions
  • you can receive emails about what's new on Technic-Dialog.de
  • you can send personal messages to other users
Other functions and possibilities will follow. Naturally, your data will be handled confidentially and not given to third parties.

Well, have fun exploring this page!

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Lego 42171
12.04.2024 Lego 42171
Modell Beschreibung wurde hinzugefügt
Lego 8700
12.04.2024 Lego 8700
Als neues Modell hinzugefügt
Lego 42171
05.04.2024 Lego 42171
Einzelteilliste wurde hinzugefügt
Lego 42170
05.04.2024 Lego 42170
Einzelteilliste wurde hinzugefügt
Lego 42169
15.03.2024 Lego 42169
Einzelteile wurden ergänzt
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